Friday, July 13, 2007

Sennheiser PX 100

I just bought those today. I know this blog was supposed to be about code but I have decided, i might add other tech stuff up here as well. So here's my review of the Sennheiser PX-100.

First of all, if you enjoy music and have been listening to it on your portable music player using the ear buds or phones that came with it, its time for a change. These headphones are the perfect replacement for the stock ones that come with the players today. Yes! that does include the iPod. At $50 in the US and Rs.3400 in India these phones are priced well for the headphones of their quality.
As you can probably make out in the picture they're open backed which means they're not going to do a lot in terms of blocking out outside sounds which can be a bit of a concern in India but they do make these super efficient. In spite of the small size these produce really good bass and the output isn't bad either. The open approach also means if you've got your music up loud (turn it down) others can hear it too...
Coming to how comfortable they are, well i'd give them a 5/10 on that. if you're using these for long hours (i've had them on all day) you've got to keep removing them unlike the pair of altec's i also own which i can wear all day without even feeling them. The fact that they fold away are really neat though i'm not a 100% convinced that its entirely a safe, they don't give the feel of being bullet proof if you know what i mean. talking about build quality the wires feel like they could snap too (and they're not replacable) but i'll update you on that. Having said that, these do come with a years warranty which might come in handy in case something happens.
Overall besides the build of these things I'd recomment them to anyone without a second thought.
PS: I'll update you in sometime about how these are doing :)
PS2: I've got a set of Grado's on the way, can't wait ;-)

update: i've been using these headphones for the last few days and i'm really impressed. the bass is nice and crisp, the detail in the sound is better then some of the more expensive cans i've heard.
I'm constantly scared i'm going to snap the wire.

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