Thursday, June 7, 2007

Google's Many Computers

Well, I know I was said i'll post only code here but here's some rather interesting news that I think is worth a mention. I'm a big fan of the google way... but what's amazing is that almost all of is running off x86 processors. As you can imagine that'll require a vast number of computers which require lots of energy and space. Enter PeakStream the company that specializes in programming the graphics processor units or GPU's on our computers. If you've played any new game GTA or Need for speed or any such game you'll know that these processors have massive computing power these days.
How does all this fit into Google's plans? Well, cheap, multi-processor systems that use every bit of computing power available on the standard boxes available.
Maybe its just my mind, maybe google infact will do this, either way its a nice thought.

processor = gpu.getMorePower(); // hehe >:-)